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Deborah Kidd Shugart is a Wyoming licensed attorney located in Casper, Wyoming.

Deborah has previous experience working in the entertainment industry.  She understands the need for producers, artists, musicians, and writers to make good informed decisions that will foster their careers and protect their interests.  She also understands the need for guidance in how to best proceed to the next step in taking a craft or a project to another level.  It is Deborah’s sincerest desire to help her clients reach their fullest potential and succeed while protecting their hard work and creative efforts.

Deborah is also dedicated to helping new ventures grow into solid businesses.  With the growing demand for access to entertainment and media by and through technology, independent entertainment and media companies can be successful if the right business plan is developed with the right contracts in place.  From the independent film producer needing to finance and distribute a film to the independent record label wanting to develop and promote a new artist to the artist opening a gallery, Deborah will assist her clients in finding their true success.